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AVANSA CoinMate 1200 Coin Sorter

R895.00 excl. VAT
The AVANSA CoinMate is a unique coin sorting system. A compact, convenient and portable solution for sorting all of your South African coins in just a few seconds.

AVANSA BulkCoin Scale 4600 Coin Counter

R3,495.00 excl. VAT
The AVANSA BulkCoin Scale 4600 offers accuracy and high volume capabilities while being very simple to operate.

AVANSA PocketScale 4700 Money Counter

R4,195.00 excl. VAT
The Avansa PocketScale 4700 is an all in-one solution for counting your coins and notes. The all in-one system provides an accurate and quick way to count both coins and notes, while also providing direct print outs of counts via the linked Printer (optional).

AVANSA SuperCoin 1100 Coin Counter

R4,195.00 excl. VAT
The convenient Avansa SuperCoin 1100 coin counter counts, sorts and batches coins. Thanks to the high speed (216 coins per minute) and the large loading tray (300 up to 500 coins) you can complete cash-ups with ease. More-over you can effortlessly prepare a bank deposit thanks to the adjustable batch function. Ease-of-use and robust construction make this the perfect solution for any environment where coin sorting is necessary. The latest model now facilitates an attachable printer for a full paper trail.

Cashmaster Sigma 105

R7,395.00 excl. VAT
The Cashmaster Sigma 105 is a fast and accurate count-by-weight ‘cash counting’ machine specifically designed to allow your business to save time, money and improve accountability.
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AVANSA MegaCoin Counter 1800

R10,679.00 excl. VAT
High speed and durable, the Avansa MegaCoin counter is the ideal coin solution for retail stores, entertainment venues, amusement facilities, coin laundries, petrol stations, vending businesses, and many other environments.