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Yale Key Cabinet 48 hooks

R1,895.00 excl. VAT
Electronic Key Cabinet - (48 Hooks)

Yale Safe (medium)

R2,195.00 excl. VAT
Alarmed Security Safe Medium - 250x350x250

Yale Drop Box

R2,595.00 excl. VAT
Drop Box - 250x350x250

Yale Basic Office Safe (large)

R2,695.00 excl. VAT
Alarmed Large Safety Box - 390x350x360

Yale Key Cabinet 100 hooks

R3,495.00 excl. VAT
Electronic Key Cabinet - (100 Hooks)

Yale File Cabinet

R4,295.00 excl. VAT
Electronic File Cabinet - 520x350x360

Cash & Valuable Trolley

R8,495.00 R7,395.00 excl. VAT
The AVANSA cash & valuable trolley allows you to streamline your cash handling processes, reduce the risk of theft and so reduce risk to your staff.

Pay Window (shallow tray)

R8,995.00 R7,995.00 excl. VAT
Protect staff securely and enhance the ticketing, information, and payment process with Avansa Pay Window units. Typical applications include ticket offices, petrol stations, cash offices, stadiums, security offices, after hours' and lone worker protection. Constructed to high standards, the Pay Window will reassure staff who would otherwise feel vulnerable.

Yale Large Safe

R7,995.00 excl. VAT
Certified Professional Motorised Safe - 520x350x360

CAT 1 80 Litre Office/Float safe

R9,995.00 R8,695.00 excl. VAT
The Avansa range of SABS approved safes offers sophisticated defence against both skilled and unskilled burglary. Highly recommended by the insurance industry, this range incorporates varying levels of security and offers clients categories 1 to 5, depending upon their security and insurance requirements.

Yale Deposit Safe

R8,795.00 excl. VAT
Certified Professional Motorised Deposit Safe - 514x355x355

CAT 2 35 litre Drop Safe

R13,995.00 R11,495.00 excl. VAT
The retail Drop Safe offers burglary protection for an overnight application. The safes provide security in a controlled environment in any situation where cash is required to be deposited and stored prior to cash collection.